Hi friends, my name is James Carter, and I am an internet marketing entrepreneur. I make a living from different types of online sources, which are focused on affiliate marketing and digital marketing.

Seven years back, I was introduced to the world of digital marketing. At that time, I was unable to understand anything. Everything seemed to be a rocket science something. But I was attracted to the idea of online earning or making money online. But it was not an easy journey. I had to struggle a lot, after failing at hundreds of projects, my successful journey was started!

I had vast experience of working in different niche markets. After my online success, I decided to contribute back to the community. Because I already understand the struggle of this industry. I run multiple blogs about affiliate marketing and digital marketing. I also contribute as an expert on different websites, just like this one.

Although, this is the multi niche blog. I am monitoring the department of affiliate marketing. We are going to share a wide range of articles about online marketing, SEO, PPC, copywriting, social media and blogging, etc. If you are struggling to get a huge traffic on your blog, then you must check out our lead generation articles. Some, solid stuff is available there!

The idea behind this effort is to build a community of people who are extremely indulged in digital marketing, and want to share the experience with the rest of world! Sharing is caring. Most people suffer because they are unaware of ethical marketing practices. We have zero tolerance for black hat marketing tactics. I am working with my team to bring best marketing stuff for you!

If you want to track down my progress and want to stay updated, please stay with us!