The Best Relaxation: Body Spa At Home

There are some days when you feel like pampering yourself. You either go on a shopping spree or treat yourself at some fancy restaurant. So, why not try a fully fledged beauty treatment one day. A treatment that will help you relax and definitely leave your skin glowing: A Body Spa. Here are the easy steps for a DIY body spa.

Before you start with the spa, make sure these things are ready:

  • essential oils like olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil
  • A body scrubber
  • oatmeal, Aloe Vera, a herbal shower get or honey almonds scrub
  • any mild herbal moisturising lotion

body spa

Step 1: Draw Yourself The Perfect Hot Bath

Adjust a lukewarm temperature of water and fill your tub. Now add scented herbs like thyme, Aloe Vera and mint leaves to your bath while the water pours. Then add essential oils and bath salts for a light foam on the water. After the water fills, light up some aromatic candles and keep a warm, slightly moist towel at the headrest.

Step 2: Pamper Yourself In The Bath

Get into the hot bath you prepared and relax. Let your skin of your body soak up the warm water and moisturise itself, the warm water extracting all impurities. Take a feet scrubber and scrub all the rough and dry surfaces of skin. This will help remove the hard and dead skin cells giving you a soft skin.

Step 3: Skin Cleansing

After opening the pores in your skin by light scrubbing and soaking in water for 15 minutes, go through an elaborate skin cleansing routine. Use coconut oil or scented olive oil to massage your body, arms and feet. Then scrub lightly with oatmeal or a mixture of massage cream and blended nuts. Continue this for 20 minutes, then let yourself soak again.

Step 4: Exfoliate and Dry Yourself

Drain out the water from the bathtub and clear it. Then take a warm towel and exfoliate your skin by gently rubbing it all over the body. This will help your skin breathe, giving it a naturally fresh look. Finally, dry yourself by soaking the water out slowly using a dry towel. Avoid rubbing while drying.

 Step 5: Apply A Moisturising Lotion

After completing your spa, use a light, herbal body lotion to moisturise your skin. The end result will be a beautiful, glowing skin which feels soft and smooth.

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