Top Ten Fruits To Lose Weight

The dieting regime is incomplete without fruits. Fruits promote blood circulation, is good for skin and most importantly acts as a catalyst for the process of weight loss. So time to begin healthy dieting with these fruits.

fruits for weight loss


Watermelon is a low carbohydrate fruit with large water content. Having watermelon is filling and its high water content will prevent further hunger cravings. It also helps reduce the cholesterol content in the body and initiates the process to get rid of extra body fats.


This is another low carbohydrate fruit which helps start the process of expelling the excess fats from the body. Moreover peach is excellent for the skin and consuming it regularly will ensure healthy and glowing skin.


Kiwi fruit is probably the best for dieting as it is tasty, filling and prevents hunger cravings for a long time. Plus it helps in better blood circulation and reduces cholesterol levels to a large extent.


This fruit is sweet with a tangy flavor. It acts as a perfect garnish to salads and is excellent for cardiovascular health. What more, it helps to reduce body fat and aids to digestion, allowing excellent metabolism.


Papaya may not be very tasty but it is a food rich in water and protein content. It leads to achieving glowing skin and reduced weight if consumed as a salad regularly.


Surprisingly enough apple not only keeps the doctor away but also keeps those extra kilos away. Filling and delicious having an apple daily will boost the digestive system of the body and thus acts as a catalyst for burning those extra calories you intake.


Rich in vitamin C, this tasty fruit if eaten regularly with salads reduces the urge to eat frequently and also leads to reduced hair fall and skin blemishes.


It is a fruit low in carbohydrate and calorie content which is good for both circulatory and digestive system. Thus it is an excellent snack to munch on if you want to reduce weight and have healthy skin.


This fruit is just like watermelon. Its high water content and filling capacity help prevent consumption of calorie-rich food and burns away the excess body fats.


Plum is an excellent fruit for detoxification, and hence promotes healthy skin and weight loss by reducing the toxin content and improving the body metabolism.

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